Healing music can help you maintain a strong immune system.

It is an important integrative medicine in the age of COVID-19.

Steven Halpern

Whether you listen to my music on CD, smartphone or your favorite streaming service, it’s a proven way to decrease your stress and stay as healthy as possible..

“Steven Halpern’s music provides an easy, effective and enjoyable way to support your own innate healing energies.”

Dr. Eva Selhub, MD
author, “Your Health Destiny”

STEVEN HALPERN is a GRAMMY® nominated composer, recording artist and researcher.

He is a founding father of NewAge music and modern sound healing for over 45 years.

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“Steven Halpern’s music has uplifted a generation of seekers.

He has created a soundtrack for our evolutionary journey.”

Marianne Williamson
# 1 bestselling author

“A Politics of Love”

The healing music of Steven Halpern creates sacred sonic space, and a relaxed state of mindfulness. Within moments, the innate intelligence of your cells and DNA express for optimal health and enhanced immune system response…at the speed of sound.

Steven’s atmospheric, ambient soundscapes combine soothing instrumental tones, inspired artistry, crystal bowls and special brainwave frequencies that tune your chakras and balance your biofield.

For 45 years, millions of individuals have experienced ” The Halpern Effect ” ™ Now it’s your turn.

Within moments, you’ll be breathing more deeply, as the music relaxes your body, quiets the mind, and nurtures the spirit.

We suggest starting with SOUND HEALING 432 Hz or DEEP ALPHA. Our extra-long audio samples give you time to enjoy the uplifting effects right away.

Learn more about the science behind the music:

Two Minute Guide to Sound Healing: Entrain Your Brain, Tune your Chakras


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