Most people never hear the end of this program – it’s that effective! Sleep-inducing, specially composed music, subliminal affirmations and delta level brainwave entrainment.


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  1. 01 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 1) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  2. 02 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 2) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  3. 03 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 3) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  4. 04 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 4) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  5. 05 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 5) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  6. 06 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 6) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  7. 07 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 7) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  8. 08 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 8) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  9. 09 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 9) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  10. 10 Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 (part 10) sample Steven Halpern 1:00


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Most music is composed to entertain or distract us. That’s great most of the time, but not when you’re needing to fall asleep.

When we listen to most music, from Bach to rock, our brains unconsciously analyze the melody and harmonic structure. This keeps us predicting the future, which keeps us awake in the present.

Most music is intended to entertain you and keep your mind and emotions busy. But you need to relax your body and quiet your mind in order to fall asleep.

My music is based on both a scientific and intuitive understanding of how to orchestrate the ‘human instrument’ for sleep.

Discover the hidden stressors in music with my “Scalus Interruptus” video: Sleep Soundly Vol. 2 builds upon the best-selling first volume SLEEP SOUNDLY (IPM 2062), originally released in 1980. That version features restful versions of Brahms’ beloved Lullaby performed on grand piano, violin and flute, plus original compositions.

“I highly recommend Arianna Huffington’s The New York Times #1 best-seller, The Sleep Revolution to help motivate you—as it has me—to take your sleep deficit more seriously.” — Steven Halpern

The Extraordinary Tones of the Rhodes Keyboard

The sleep-inducing effect of this recording owe a lot to the soothing tones of the Rhodes electric piano. It is not a synthesizer.

Like a series of tuning forks played by a keyboard, my Rhodes produces a uniquely therapeutic tone that is ideal for healing and sleep. It scored the highest in EEG biofeedback testing compared to other instruments.

About Subliminal Affirmations

Researchers and millions of individuals now harness the power of their mind to help them fall asleep. The key is to bypass the ‘thinking mind’, and go straight to the subconscious mind. This is the level at which meaningful change primarily occurs.

A series of positive statements are spoken, in the first and second person for maximum benefit, and blended softly (subliminally) into the music. Although essentially inaudible, your subconscious mind can perceive these statements — and responds automatically.

Subliminal affirmations include:

You now fall asleep effortlessly; You awake relaxed and refreshed; You are relaxed; The music triggers your sleep response; I am relaxed; I fall asleep easily; I wake up relaxed and renewed

Most people never consider using music as an effective alternative to OTC and prescription drugs. Indeed, most music has hidden stress factors built into the harmonic structure that keep you awake.

People have been telling Steven for over 40 years that “your music puts me to sleep…and that is such a welcome blessing!”  Listen, and you’ll know why millions more agree.

This dreamy “pillow of sound” features the soothing sounds of electric piano and atmospheric keyboards. The program combines the power of 3 proven modalities: healing music, delta range (1-3 Hz) brainwave entrainment, and subliminal affirmations.

You don’t audibly hear them, but your subconscious does, and responds automatically. You’ll most likely be asleep before the music ends.

“The perfect companion to Arianna Huffington’s NY Times #1 best seller, The Sleep Revolution.  — Leading Edge Review.

Note: Not intended as a substitute for medical care.

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