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  1. 01 Paradigm Shift-sample


  2. 02 Now & Zen-sample


  3. 03 First Kiss-sample


  4. 04 Quantum Leap-sample


  5. 05 String Theory-sample


  6. 06 Hear. Now. Be.-sample


  7. 07 Mid-Eastern Peace-sample


  8. 08 The Heart of Coherence-sample


  9. 09 At Peace in the Moment-sample


  10. 10 Embraced by Angels-sample


  11. 11 Hip Pocket-sample


  12. 12 Sonic Sanctuary-sample


  13. 13 Chakra Suite 2010-sample



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“Everything you love from the pioneer of sound healing — and more! Three songs feature heartfelt melodies riding over seductive grooves that will live inside you long after the music is over.”
Leading Edge Review

In 1975, Steven Halpern created a paradigm shift in sound healing when his first album demonstrated how to orchestrate relaxation more effectively, predictably and immediately than traditional classical music.

Thirty five years later, a new paradigm shift expands the parameters of healing music for body, mind and spirit by incorporating beautiful lyrical themes and an occasional taste of rhythm.

Joining him is Michael Manring, the virtuoso bassist well-known to millions of Windham Hill fans, who adds funky bass lines on “First Kiss” and “Now & Zen”, as well as amazing melodic harmonic overtones.

This is an album you’re sure to enjoy listening to, for its sheer beauty, as well as for where it will take you…into the ‘inner peace zone.’

If anyone has ever helped to create and define a musical genre it is Steven Halpern. In my thirty years as a professional new age music reviewer I have probably heard every album he has released. One thing I always like about checking out his latest album is that I never know exactly what to expect. Sure, he is well known for his elegant grand piano, dreamy electric piano, and atmospheric synthesizer textures, but over the years he has always managed to surprise by exploring new musical ground ranging from funky rhythmic grooves to mystical Eastern chanting, crystal bowls, Indian tabla drumming, and much much more.

A number of tracks on “Paradigm Shift” feature the world-class bass playing of Michael Manring, whose virtuosity has been heard on many of the classic Windham Hill albums. I was especially impressed with the intuitive interplay and melodic conversation between Steven’s keyboards and Michael’s Ebow bass on tracks one and five (an Ebow is a device which sustains the strings electronically giving a cello-like effect.) It almost felt like telepathy where they seemed to finish each other’s thoughts and musical sentences…pure magic. While Steven’s keyboard playing is always distinctive, there are certain things he does that really stand out to me, like the way he will introduce an ephemeral 3 note motif in descending octaves along with a rainbow of themes and variations.

For Steven’s fans, everything they know and love about his music is found here in abundance. Paradigm Shift” is an exquisite addition to his vast catalog, and one that I highly recommend.

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