OCEAN of BLISS (432 Hz)

Exquisite Music and  Alpha Brainwave Entrainment

For Relaxation, Healing and Inner Peace  (432 Hz)

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  1. Ocean of Bliss (part 1) sample Steven Halpern 1:21
  2. Ocean of Bliss (part 2) sample Steven Halpern 1:04
  3. Ocean of Bliss (part 3) sample Steven Halpern 1:07
  4. Ocean of Bliss (part 4) sample Steven Halpern 1:10
  5. Ocean of Bliss (part 5) sample Steven Halpern 1:19
  6. Ocean of Bliss (part 6) sample Steven Halpern 1:25
  7. Ocean of Bliss (part 7) sample Steven Halpern 1:17
  8. Ocean of Bliss (part 8) sample Steven Halpern 1:14
  9. Ocean of Bliss (part 9) sample Steven Halpern 1:14
  10. Ocean of Bliss (part 10) sample Steven Halpern 1:06
  11. Ocean of Bliss (part 11) sample Steven Halpern 1:07
  12. Ocean of Bliss (part 12) sample Steven Halpern 1:05
  13. Ocean of Bliss (part 13) sample Steven Halpern 1:10


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OCEAN of  BLISS provides over an hour of Inner Peace while strengthening your immune system.

I combine  Mother Earth’s “Organic Brainwave Entrainment”(OBE) of relaxing surf with my mindful music to Help you shift from stressed to blessed within moments.

OCEAN of BLISS features my Rhodes electric piano, harp (Georgia Kelly), bamboo flute (Jorge Alfano and Schawkie Roth) and Alchemy ®crystal bowls.

The music acts like a tuning fork for your biofield, harmonizing body, mind and spirit.  I enhance this effect by adding subtle  deep alpha (8 Hz) brainwave entrainment tones to amplify our entrainment with the Earth’s ‘brainwave’, known as the Schumann Resonance.

As an extra enhancement, the music is tuned to A=432 Hz rather than standard concert pitch (A=440 Hz) which is said to amplify the music’s healing potential.



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