Music for MASSAGE
(vol. 2) 432 Hz

Tuned to A=432 Hz for added healing Rhodes, bamboo flute, cello

“Steven Halpern’s music is the perennial favorite for massage. It’s in a class by itself!”
— MASSAGE Magazine


CD $14.98, MP3 download $8.88

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  1. 01 432 Hz Healing Touch, Healing Tones sample


  2. 02 432 Hz Crystal Tones, Healing Hands sample


  3. 03 432 Hz Hand Dance sample


  4. 04 432 Hz At Peace in the Light sample


  5. 05 432 Hz Healing Hands sample


  6. 06 432 Hz Peace Pipe sample


  7. 07 432 Hz On a Cloud of Sound sample


  8. 08 432 Hz Deep Alpha 2.0 (pt.1) sample


  9. 09 432 Hz Opening to the Resonance sample


  10. 10 432 Hz Floating sample


  11. 11 432 Hz Relaxing in the Present Moment sample


  12. 12 432 Hz Deep Alpha (pt. 14) sample



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Featuring exquisite new music, tuned to A=432 Hz for enhanced healing benefits!

Sure to be an instant favorite at destination spas and massage therapy rooms worldwide.

From the very first notes, you can feel your stress melting away. The soft caress of keyboards, silver flute and heavenly choir help you effortlessly relax and open up to receive the therapeutic benefits and pleasures of massage.

Since 1975, Steven Halpern has provided ‘the music of choice’ for more massage professionals than any other composer. They know that his music helps them create a truly nurturing environment that is appropriate for all their clients.

On this CD, you’ll enjoy uniquely flowing compositions that help you shift gears and breathe deeply and slowly. Massage professionals will appreciate that Steven’s music also helps enhance rapport, and that their energy and focus stays high all day.

“Steven’s music helps me create the healing environment that totally supports the work I do.” — JF, Fontainebleau Spa, Miami Beach


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(vol. 2) 432 Hz”

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