Lama Surya Das

Mantras with grooves

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  1. 01 The Jewel and the Lotus Mantra - Sample
  2. 02 The Purification Mantra - Sample
  3. 03 Female Buddha Tara's Mantra - Sample
  4. 04 The Seven Line Prayer - Sample
  5. 05 The Wisdom Mantra - Sample
  6. 06 Calling the Lama from Afar - Sample
  7. 07 Vajra Guru Mantra - Sample
  8. 08 Trikaya Buddha Mantra Chant - Sample
  9. 09 Obstacle Removing and Path-Clearing Prayer - Sample
  10. Female Buddha Tara's Mantra (Om Tare) Steven Halpern & Lama Surya Das 5:48
  11. 11 The Purification Mantra (Part Two) - Sample
  12. 12 Two Prayers to the Precious Master-guru - Sample
  13. 13 Female Buddha Tara's Mantra (reprise) - Sample


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Timeless Tibetan Buddhist prayers and chants to bless, illumine and awaken all beings are updated with meditative hip-hop rhythms and funkified bass.

American Buddhist meditation teacher Lama Surya Das and Steven Halpern join spiritual and musical visions to create a unique version of healing music that brings us home to the inner peace, wholeness and spiritual well-being that is our birthright.


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