Electronic soundscapes, trippy guitar synth

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  1. 01 Ambient Alchemy sample

  2. 02 Molecules in Motion sample

  3. 03 Isis Moon sample

  4. 04 Celestial Suite sample

  5. 05 Deep Diver sample

  6. 06 Return To Shamballa sample

  7. 07 Rain Dream sample

  8. 08 Lunar Orbit sample

  9. 09 Ancient Shores sample

  10. 10 Above the Clouds sample

  11. 11 Echoes In Eternity sample

  12. 12 Earth & Sky sample

  13. 13 Stellar Drift sample

  14. 14 Atlantis Revisited sample


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"AMBIENT ALCHEMY transmutes sound into gold and conjures a spellbinding listening experience."

-Awareness magazine

The atmospheric soundscapes, lush multi-layered keyboards, soaring guitar, melodic bass lines, and intricate production values come alive with headphones.

AMBIENT ALCHEMY is an extraordinary collaboration sure to delight Hearts of Space music fans. Grammy nominee Steven Halpern and guitar synth /keyboardist Michael Diamond team up with famed Windham Hill virtuoso Michael Manring.

This music will remind you of the joy and aural pleasures of listening without multi-tasking. Let the enchanting dreamscapes take you on a magical journey. Prepare for lift-off!

MICHAEL DIAMOND is an in-demand audio producer and respected music reviewer (
He plays guitar, E-Bow, guitar synth (flute sounds), keyboards/
MICHAEL MANRING is a world-renowned virtuoso bassist, who played on many of the classic Windham Hill recordings with Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, et al.


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