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Rhodes piano, keyboards, cello, flute

Steven Halpern’s music has helped many individuals along the ADHD spectrum, from children to adults. 

Teachers, parents and entrepreneurs report enhanced focus and improved executive function. Play in background as you work, study or relax.


CD $14.98, MP3 download $8.88

  1. 01 ADHD Music for Focus (part 1) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  2. 02 ADHD Music for Focus (part 2) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  3. 03 ADHD Music for Focus (part 3) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  4. 04 ADHD Music for Focus (part 4) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  5. 05 ADHD Music for Focus (part 5) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  6. 06 ADHD Music for Focus (part 6) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  7. 07 ADHD Music for Focus (part 7) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  8. 08 ADHD Music for Focus (part 8) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  9. 09 ADHD Music for Focus (part 9) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  10. 10 ADHD Music for Focus (part 10) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  11. 11 ADHD Music for Focus (part 11) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  12. 12 ADHD Music for Focus (part 12) sample Steven Halpern 1:00
  13. 13 ADHD Music for Focus (part 13) sample Steven Halpern 1:00


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No matter where one is on the ADHD spectrum, there’s a growing body of evidence supporting the use of this specially composed music to support improved executive functions in children and adults.

For over 30 years, Steven Halpern’s beautiful brain-balancing music has been helping many individuals in the ADHD community. Parents write us that these CDs “saved our family”; teachers report their students’ transformed homework habits and greater emotional control.

Like a tuning fork for the brain, these relaxing recordings create a sound environment that makes it easy to access a state of mindful awareness. (See UCLA research on mindfulness and ADHD)

My article on ADHD and music appears in the November 2017 issue of Attention magazine

Taking Therapeutic Music into the 21st Century

For over 40 years, a new form of music has proven to be significantly more effective at reducing stress and supporting focus and attention than traditional classical or pop music It creates a unique ambience that makes it easy to shift from unconsciously analyzing where the music is going in the future into a state of mindful awareness of the present moment.

For the first time, based on the successful anecdotal reports from parents, teachers and individuals from all walks of life, this complementary resource is now being introduced to the ADHD community.

Because many of us have a heightened sensitivity to harsh sounds or jagged rhythms, as I do, you won’t find them on this recording. The soothing tones of the featured instruments, especially the Rhodes electric piano, act like a balm to the nervous system.

Further Resources:

Natural Relief for Adult ADHD. Stephanie Mouton Sarkis, Ph.D

Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook. Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

The ADHD Explosion. Stephen Hinshaw, Richard Scheffler

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  1. Constance

    Exhilarating! Soul stirring work!
    I want my home filled with these sounds daily!
    Kudos Stephen Halpern!
    I honor and salute you!

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