My unexpected journey into the world of Biofeedback Research


In a spontaneous deep meditation in November 1969, I began to hear celestial music on the inner planes. Shortly thereafter, I sat down at a piano and the music played through me.

Was this really a new kind of contemporary healing music? World-renowned research scientist Dr. Stanley Krippner challenged me to conduct biofeedback research to demonstrate objective if that were so. I enrolled in the Master’s degree program at the Humanistic Psychology Institute at Sonoma State College so that I could use their biofeedback lab for free.

When it came time for the official studies, I hired a research team who conducted placebo controlled, double blind studies Involving Kirlian photography, which measured the aura (human energy field).

Although I didn’t know it at the time, the results of these studies would change my life. There was now objective scientific evidence that my newly channeled compositions evoked greater brainwave balancing in the alpha and theta states than other music tested. At first, few in the media or holistic health field were interested.

Within two years, I recorded my first album, CHRISTENING for LISTENING, which evolved into SPECTRUM SUITE and finally CHAKRA SUITE. In the process, I became a ‘founding father’ of New Age music and the first media spokesperson/ expert in the emerging field of ‘sound’ health and healing music.

The second serendipitous blessing, courtesy of the research project, was all the connections I made with a number of the pioneers in the field of quantum physics, holistic health and spirituality. The first of these spiritual scientists was Dr. J.J. Hurtak, best known as the author of “The Keys of Enoch”.

He came to campus a few weeks later, and I joined his first Northern California meditation group. It was in that small group that I first played the music that became CHAKRA SUITE. We recently co-produced, along with his wife, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, our second album of sacred chants from many traditions.

There’s much more to my journey from jazz/rock trumpet player to OG sound healer. Even I can’t believe some of it really happened, but I have witnesses to many key synchronicities. I’ll be sharing details of that transformation that actually began in 1965 in my forthcoming memoir later this year. * check back for links to the slide show ( in development).

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