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I’m especially proud of PSYCHEDELIC THERAPY MUSIC.  I believe it is one of the most important albums that I’ve ever recorded. 

I feel it will be recognized in the same way that CHAKRA SUITE and DEEP ALPHA (2012 GRAMMY® nominee) have been.  As a producer, I spent hours enhancing sonic details on every track. Some of the phrases David Darling and Paul McCandless played were so exquisite, I cloned them so that we could enjoy them without waiting for the end of their songs.

I hope you give it a listen. It is already helping many individuals in and out of professional psychotherapy, microdosers and New Age sound healing fans who love great music.

Listen deeply to the collaborations with master musicians Paul McCandless,  David Darling, Michael Manring and Jorge Alfano. Each artist brought their own special magic with them, and tuned into the vibe and intention in a  way that takes the entire album to a higher octave.

Sound healing music is trending upwards around the world. As on DEEP ALPHA, cutting edge brainwave entrainment frequencies are mixed subtly into the music to virtually guarantee that even casual listening will take you to a place of peace and well-being. 

No additional plant medicine is required to fully enjoy the sonic experience of high coherence biofield balancing.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steven Halpern