Stayin ‘in Tune’ in an Out of Tune World


© Steven Halpern 2022

First the pandemic, then the war. Now the rising prices of everything. Whatever the underlying reasons, we all face new levels of stress.

What do you do to stay in balance and ‘in tune’ in this imbalanced and out -of-tune world?

In the hundreds of interviews and podcasts I’ve done, I often get asked what do I do to keep myself in tune. I’d like to share a brief overview of how I answer, and hope the information and strategies are helpful to you.

It’s more important than ever to educate ourselves and be proactive about taking positive steps to support our health and well-being. Are you consciously choosing nutrition, exercise, getting enough sleep, and adding the right kind of music to your daily ‘diet’ of sound vibrations? See my best-seller, “SOUND HEALTH” (Harper & Row, 1985).

Leading experts, like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Deepak Chopra, offer new research that builds upon 5,000 years of healing traditions, long before ‘recorded’ history. From ancient Egypt to China, India and Greece, cultures have honored the therapeutic powers of sound and music as well as the powers of the mind to influence our genes.

Of all the healing arts, music is the most ancient. It’s high time we get more serious about learning and using these audible vibrational frequencies as our allies and healing partners.

Over the past 50 years, many individuals, like yourself, have awakened to and experienced the blessings of effortless accessing mindful states of serenity, balance and inner peace through music.

But did you know? You can amplify the benefits of music by being aware of a few key principles.

This includes sounds, music, thoughts, and intentions in addition to food. Building on Dr. Chopra’s information, I would suggest that “Intentions plus healing music = enhanced health and optimal well-being”.


What You Feed Your Electro-Magnetic Human Biofield Matters


As you may know, I was the first sound healer/musician/producer/author to go public nationally and discuss this on radio, tv and in print.  Back in the 1970s, it was challenging to speak about chakras, even meditation, let alone brainwaves and connecting with my Muse.

Now that yoga and chakras have gone mainstream, it’s more acceptable to speak about body, mind and spirit.

As you listen to music, consider this: “it’s not just about the notes, but the energy that comes through.”

Every composer imparts their own unique vibrational frequencies to the music. Indeed, as I discovered in 1977, “music is a carrier wave for consciousness.” World-class scientists like Dr. Valerie Hunt and spiritual healers like Starr Fuentes describe unique aspects in my music that I’ll be elaborating upon in the near future. As Rev. Fuentes says, “your music helps us connect with Source – the realm in which true healing takes place”.


Entertainment vs Entrainment


It is well known that music can affect our heartbeat and pulse, change our chemistry, and can change our brainwaves. It happens automatically. There are different considerations when choosing what you listen to depending on the goal, be it entertainment or more subtle responses in the psycho-spiritual dimensions.

The KEY is to choose music that has a beneficial effect on your well-being. I’ve written extensively about this, and invite you to view my popular video on the stealth/stress connection I call the “Scalus Interruptus” syndrome. (


Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit


BALANCING THE CHAKRAS is a fundamental principle of functional sound healing.

The common denominator among breakthroughs in quantum physics, metaphysics, nutrition and therapeutic sound and music and vibrational medicine is that they all can assist the body in healing itself.

My first book, self-published in 1977, was titled “Tuning the Human Instrument” for just this reason. I believe it’s more important than ever to know how to work with our God-given innate intelligence, what I call the ‘symphony in our cells and DNA.’

You need to know about the exciting new research demonstrates the connection between our thoughts, our consciousness and our health. Epi-genetics, featured in “THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF” by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and “SUPER GENES” by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi, asserts that we can easily participate in our own individual wellness program, at little or no cost.


Enhancing Positive Outcomes at the Speed of Sound


To maximize the energy of setting your healing intention, research demonstrate that it’s most effective when you use the right kind of soundtrack to get in the most receptive and focused brain states in the alpha and theta frequencies.

One of the reasons I first began to compose and produce my albums was because I needed effective and enjoyable music to help me access the right state of mind.

In fact, before I went public with my music, it was proven effective in groundbreaking brainwave biofeedback research that demonstrated that my music can assist most listeners in accessing a high coherence, hemispherically balanced brain state. This is the ideal choice for optimal effectiveness.


Want To Learn More About Sound Healing?


I am one of 40 leading experts featured on the 3rd annual Sound Healing Summit sponsored by the Shift Network. I highly recommend checking out their archives. The summit is on right now so you can still sign up for free. (

Details about my latest releases, including the ANCIENT ECHOES: 44th Anniversary Deluxe Edition and CONNECTIONS: 38th Anniversary Deluxe Edition feature my collaborations with two of my all-time favorite musicians, Georgia Kelly and Paul Horn. The audiophile quality sound is actually warmer and more expansive than the original LP.

I’m old school. I listen to my music on CD. For all of you who also like CDs I’ll keep making them available. You’ll love the new albums, as well as many other albums like SOUND HEALING  432 Hz, DEEP ALPHA, (64 WEEKS on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age charts) and a 2012 Grammy® nominee.

(I will confess that I find it somewhat surreal to be included on Billboard charts next to ‘Disney Piano Favorites” or “Disney Lullabies”. Nothing New Age about those titles. For me, that music actually keeps me out of a meditative state.)

You can read details about each of my albums by clicking on the PDF of the liner notes on my website. This information is missing with most of the music heard on the streaming platforms.

The international best-seller CHAKRA SUITE and the deeply meditative DEEP THETA 2.0 continue to be very popular on all the major streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Facebook. I’m told a lot of people are saying, “Hey Alexa, play some Halpern.”

And she does.

Whatever way you listen to my music, I’m happy that you do.

I’ll continue to share new music to accompany you on the spiritual and material adventure we call life.

May the (musical) Force be with you!

For sound health and inner peace,

Steven Halpern