Entrain your Brain, Balance your Biofield and Amplify

Global Coherence with Focused Intention and Healing Music

© Steven Halpern 2020

After eight months, many of us are feeling ‘pandemic fatigue.’ It’s clear the situation will be with us for quite a while. This sure seems to be the global reset so many experts and insiders have been predicting, though not perhaps in this form. There are strategies that are emerging to help us connect and support each other that build on the insights of quantum physics, metaphysics and sound healing.

I’ve been a presenter and/or participant in a number of online programs, some of which take place every full moon, like the Global Coherence Project organized by HeartMath.org, and another, GlobalCoherencePulse.org. Other events are organized by NewLifeExpo, NewLivingExpo, ConsciousLivingExpo, etc. I encourage you to join as many as you can.

With the promise of an ‘effective’ vaccine still in the future, I find it surprising and disappointing that I haven’t seen any suggestions by the usual health experts and others about specific dietary and nutritional supplements we can take to support our own health. Also omitted from these discussions: the healing powers of music.

The more we learn about the immune system enhancing, stress reducing and multi-dimensional healing powers of music, the more essential it becomes that we incorporate into our personal lives in the COVID-19 reality. I am often asked in interviews, ‘Why is it that mainstream media, big Pharma and the medical establishment have never promoted this ancient healing artform and totally modern modality including specially composed music, crystal bowls, metal singing bowls, tuning forks, mantras, and vocal toning?’

Why don’t more people know about this?

The answer is simple: Sound healing works! It can empower you to be your own healer, and they can’t control it nor profit off of it.

At virtually every televised Grammy® and Billboard and Country Music Award program, we are reminded of the healing power of music to connect us. But haven’t you ever wondered if that’s all there is, of healing in a non-specific sense, stimulated by our emotional response to the lyrics and songs sung by your favorite stars? Will we ever see and hear music that turns our attention to our internal energetic anatomy, rather than just getting our feet tapping or singing along?

Entertainment vs. (Brainwave) Entrainment

Music can be more than entertainment. Done right, it can entrain our brain and heart to a higher frequency of brainwave coherence that empowers and supports our cells and DNA to express for optimal wellness. What if more of us learned that ‘secret’, and began to use consciously, with intention? It’s easier than you might think. All you need to do make the right choices in the music you listen to, and/or buying your own crystal bowl or Tibetan singing bowl and taking as little as five minutes every day to ‘tune in’ and let the innate intelligence of your body, mind and spirit do what it knows how to do, if only given a chance.

Tuning Your Human Instrument

Your entire body responds to sound. Every atom, molecule, cell and gland resonate at a specific frequency, and thus, can be resonated by an external frequency, most enjoyably, as musical tone.

This is the sound foundation of my first album, CHAKRA SUITE, released in 1975 as SPECTRUM SUITE. The 7 chakras are resonated and activated in ascending sequence by the 7 musical tones beginning at the tonal frequency closest to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance. Our chakras are genetically preprogrammed to operate in harmony and in tune with each other.

My landmark research in 1973 employed Kirlian photography (biofield photography) and brainwave EEG to confirm the healing effects of this new music, especially compared to the most relaxing classical music. This upset many academicians and music therapists at the time, but it introduced sound healing to become part of holistic/alternative/complementary medicine.

Many individuals have discovered the healing powers of music, playing their own albums (LPs, cassettes or CDs) by themselves. The recent development of streaming music technology has added an entire new possibility that offers great potential to link our consciousness with others even while we are social distancing. Never before have millions of people been able to listen to the same healing music track at the same time, which creates a new octave of linked consciousness.

Secrets of Sound Healing

Music can reduce stress and enhance relaxation, which is a key to supporting your immune system and innate healing energies…but only if it’s the right kind of music. Most music is too fast, or ‘busy’, and prevents us from experiencing the healing of our innate ‘relaxation response.’

With heartbeat rhythm entrainment, the speed of the tempo is the key. When you tap your feet to the beat, that’s entrainment. Your heart beat will synchronize with the beat. It’s not something you can control.

If the tempo is faster than 60 beats per minute, you are above the range of physiological relaxation. Trying to relax listening to fast music is like drinking two cups of coffee and trying to fall asleep.

Melody vs. Mindfulness

The familiar patterns of melody and harmonic progressions were rarely ever considered as creating stress and keeping us out of brainwave coherence until I discovered and popularized the “Scalus Interruptus Syndrome” via my books, Tuning the Human Instrument (1977) and Sound Health (1985). We are culturally conditioned, by the music we’ve heard all our life, to project into the future where the melody or chord progression is going.

This is fine for entertainment, but it keeps your left brain dominant, always unconsciously analyzing and waiting for the resolution of the phrase or chord progression.

The fact is, relaxation only happens in the present moment! It does not happen in the future. Most music is too ‘busy’ or entertaining to promote coherence. Most music is not composed to usher us into a mindful state of awareness of the Now. Nor should it be. But when you’re looking to experience deeper healing effects, this is an important consideration for your own playlist.

Sound Healing, Brainwave Entrainment and High Coherence,
Hemispherically Balanced Deep Alpha and Theta States

The sonic technology of brainwave synchronization or entrainment has exploded on the internet in recent years. Much like your heartbeat, this more subtle physical phenomenon of brainwave entrainment is automatic. You can’t tell your brain to ignore sonic entrainment tones, in ads, movies or healing music.

Mindful Coherence, Morphic Resonance, Meditation Music
and the Hundredth Monkey Effect

I got turned on to the benefits of coherence via mentorship by the legendary scientist, Itzhak Bentov. Using EEG, GSR and Kirlian photography, my channeled compositions—subsequently released on my indie record label—demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in orchestrating whole brain coherence. Over the past 45 years, millions of individuals have listened to these recordings, especially CHAKRA SUITE, DEEP ALPHA and DEEP THETA. This has resulted in the creation of a ‘Musical Morphic Resonance’, which relates to Rupert Sheldrake’s brilliant discoveries. When a critical mass of consciousness is achieved, something extraordinary happens, that makes it easier for new individuals to tune in to the new behavior or coherent brainwave state. With the right music, streaming music technology enables millions of individuals to simultaneously listen to the same piece of music and have their brainwaves shift into a high coherence alpha or theta state more easily than ever before.

More recently, research at the HeartMath Institute has documented the benefits of heart coherence. They define heart coherence as “an optimal state in which the mind and emotions are brought into alignment and in sync with the heart’s intuitive guidance. Practicing heart coherence creates a cascade of neural and biochemical events that benefit the entire body, mind and spirit.”

I believe there is a new and incredibly important role that healing music can play on the global stage, offering an additional way for us to connect with others while we’re locked down. I doubt Spotify, Pandora, or Sirius/XM et al considered what I call ‘The serendipitous spiritual implications of simultaneous soundtrack/playlist experience’. When you’re listening, I invite you to pay attention and notice when a specific track helps you shift into higher coherence. You’ll be in good company, and now you know that many others are likely shifting into coherence at the same time, even if they don’t realize it!

This naturally occurs in deep alpha (about 7.83 to 8 Hz), which is also the same frequency as the ‘Earth’s brainwave’, known as the Schumann Resonance. When millions of us shift consciousness in a similar manner at the same time, it is more powerful than when we listen separately. When two or more are gathered in church or in concert or listening to streaming music, our brainwaves and heartwaves synch. We begin breathing in unison. We literally ‘in-spire’ together.

With intention, we can raise our collective vibrational frequency, and radiate those healing vibrations out into the world. It’s also one of the safest activities we can share in the new COVID-19 reality.
STEVEN HALPERN is a pioneering sound healer, Grammy® nominated recording artist with over 100 albums, and a founding father of New Age music. His landmark brainwave entrainment/biofeedback research helped introduce sound healing into the fields of holistic/alternative medicine and into the entertainment music industry. His DEEP ALPHA was a 2012 Grammy® nominee.
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